Medford Airport Departures

The airlines that are operating from the airport advice their passenger to arrive at the terminal for their flight in advance to have plenty of time to go through the security and baggage check process. The time-limits dictated by the policy of the airport is 3 hours before the flight for Non-Schengen flights and 2 hours for Domestic and Schengen flights.

When proceeding to the security control desk, the one shall be prepared to provide a valid boarding pass which shall be printed out in advance to avoid any possible confusion. The 3-1-1 regulation allows the passengers to travel with a 3.4 oz bottle, one quart-sized clear plastic bag, and carry only one bag per passenger. 

When departing from the airport, right at the boarding gate, the one shall provide the passport, ID card, driver's license in some instances, or other TSA approved documents.

The flights are departing from the Medford Airport to Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City and are provided by five different airlines.